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KFC Chicken Recipe Secret Meal

The KFC Secret Chicken Recipe

The KFC Original - KFC Secret Recipe

The Story of the Creator

Colonel Harland Sanders, the man behind KFC, started his journey in the 1930s. He was not a real military colonel, but a Kentucky colonel, an honorary title given by the state of Kentucky. Sanders's big break came from his little service station in Corbin, Kentucky, where he served meals to travelers in the dining area. His fried chicken, cooked in a pressure fryer, became famous for its juiciness and flavor.

The secret behind the chicken's unique taste was Colonel Sanders's special blend of 11 herbs and spices. This recipe was so closely guarded that Sanders never wrote it down, opting instead to mix it by memory. He was a perfectionist about his chicken, famously shaking hands with restaurant owners to ensure they would not mess up his recipe. His commitment paid off, as KFC became a worldwide sensation, making Colonel Sanders a symbol of entrepreneurial spirit and culinary innovation.

Colonel Harland Sanders holding KFC Chicken Bucket

99X - KFC Secret Recipe

The 99X recipe is a crucial part of the KFC legend. After selling his company in 1964, Colonel Sanders felt the quality of KFC had declined. In response, he partnered with a spice company called Marion-Kay to create a new spice blend, called 99X, that he believed was closer to his original recipe. The intrigue lies in the fact that 99X is a commercially available spice blend that many believe mimics the original KFC flavor. The story of 99X reflects Sanders's relentless pursuit of culinary excellence and his dissatisfaction with changes made to his beloved recipe.

The X99 KFC Chicken Secret Recipe Spice
Colonels nephew holding the secret recipe

My Nephew

In 2016, a bombshell dropped in the form of a claim by Joe Leddington, Colonel Sanders's nephew. Joe discovered a handwritten recipe in an old family scrapbook that he claimed was the original KFC recipe. The recipe listed 11 spices, stirring up a whirlwind of excitement among KFC enthusiasts. However, skepticism arose about its authenticity.

The recipe's reveal was controversial because it came from a family member who could have had personal motivations, casting doubt on its credibility. The incident highlights the complexities and family dynamics surrounding the legacy of a famous figure like Colonel Sanders. It also shows how the secret recipe of KFC has not just been a culinary mystery but also a source of intrigue and family drama.

Potion with the KFC Secret Recipe

What Does Science Say

The scientific approach to uncovering KFC's secret recipe provides a fascinating contrast to anecdotal claims. In the 1980s, author William Poundstone arranged for a laboratory analysis of KFC's coating mix. The results were startlingly simple, identifying only four ingredients: flour, salt, pepper, and MSG.

This scientific analysis challenges the lore of the 11 herbs and spices, suggesting that the secret of KFC's taste might lie in its preparation method rather than in a complex blend of ingredients. The involvement of science in this culinary mystery underscores the lengths to which people will go to uncover the truth and how scientific inquiry can yield surprising results in the world of food.

KFC Secret Recipe Spices

What Fans Say - KFC Secret Recipe

Todd Wilbur

Todd Wilbur is a name synonymous with cracking secret recipes. He has built a career out of recreating famous dishes, including the KFC original recipe. Wilbur's approach involves meticulous research and trial and error. His commitment to demystifying popular food items shows the public's fascination with uncovering the secrets behind their favorite dishes.

Todd's Website

Todd Wilbur with his book that includes a version of the Secret Recipe

TC34D - KFC Secret Recipe

TC34D is the product of an internet forum devoted to deciphering the KFC recipe. This recipe is a testament to the power of collective effort and the internet's role in bringing together like-minded individuals to solve a common challenge. The TC34D recipe, while different in taste from KFC's chicken, represents the dedication and passion of fans in their quest to uncover culinary secrets.

Recipe Link

TC34D version of the Secret Recipe


Orange Question Mark hint to the secret recipe

A surprising twist in the KFC recipe saga involves the use of citric acid, a component found in oranges. This theory emerged from a KFC promotional film suggesting that citric acid, used in KFC's frying oil, might be a key ingredient affecting the chicken's flavor.

The inclusion of citric acid in the recipe discussion illustrates the evolving nature of food recipes and how changes in cooking techniques and ingredients can impact the taste of a classic dish. The orange theory, while speculative, adds another layer to the ongoing debate about what truly makes KFC chicken taste the way it does.

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